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Slice of Heaven
There have been many different versions of both the song Slice of Heaven, and the live act that accompanies it. Slice of Heaven was the first song I ever wrote to take my clothes off to! :) It was my very first introduction into this very sparkly world we call burlesque.


The first time I purrformed this song was in a friend's Halloween Burlesque show called Norman's Big Night Out in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I was dressed as Elvira's dominatrix twin sister and I "sliced" all of my clothes off while singing to a theramin heavy version of Slice of Heaven (it's original version!).

I did this show out of pure fun, I never imagined it would spark an entire new path I was to take in my life.
The act then morphed into a more naughty version which ended up being purrformed all over NYC (...and the world!), but my favorite place to purrform this version of the act is at the infamous NYC nightclub, The Box. I could get away with almost anything there. In this version the curtain opens to me standing front center stage with a beautiful Marie Antoinette style black and white costume on; very full floor length skirt, corset, boa, little white angel wings and halo, ... As I sing, I slowly remove my costume pieces one at a time. There is a beautiful confetti surprise that explodes over the audience from my left glove as I slice it off. During the bridge of the song is where it gets really interesting... ... I untie my skirt and throw it off of the stage, a beautiful bonded burlesque dancer named Stormy Leather has been hiding under my skirt the entire time. On her hands and knees, dressed in very little clothing, she becomes my play toy. I slice off every piece of clothing she's wearing. By the end of the act she is on her hands and knees with her backside facing the audience. I reach down and unzip her pants, front to back to reveal her vajazzled "Slice of Heaven" to the audience, at the same time I remove my halo to reveal my naughty little devil horns.

The curtain closes.

There are a few clips of this in the Slice of Heaven music video, which also happens to be the first music video in burlesque herstory!

Slice of Heaven is now a featured song in the hit show Absinthe at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas where you can see me purrform nightly Wednesday to Sunday 7:30pm and 9:30pm​

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