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Love Digitale

​Love Digitale was originally a Goodfinger song. It was the only music video we did while the band was still together...

Goodfinger broke up after our bass player, Terry Fox... aka Foxy, learned that his real father was Roger Daltrey...

Yes, that Roger Daltrey.
Love Digitale morphed into this erotic sexpot explosion of a song with electronic, futuristic sounds added, as well as slowing the tempo down to sex it up a bit.
The burlesque act that was born from this song is one of my favorite to purrform. I am joined on stage by another dancer, We are both painted completely silver and look very similar, only she isn't wearing any clothing, only paint. As I sing Love Digitale  there are choreographed moves where my "clone" very slowly removes my clothing, by the end of the song she's turned on blinking L.E.D lights that I have attached to my costume in very specific places. Very visual. Very sexy!
Love Digitale has been purrformed all over the world including Amsterdam, the Rome Burlesque Festival, a 6 week national U.S. bus tour sponsored by Dos Equis, and nightly at the infamous NYC nightclub, The Box.

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