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Is That So Wrong
Is That So Wrong was originally written for my first band, GOODFINGER. Goodfinger broke up after our bass player, Terry Fox... aka Foxy, learned that his real father was Roger Daltrey... Yes, that Roger Daltrey.

After the band broke up,  I didn't want to waste a good song, so I did a different version...

I guess you can say I covered myself.

The new version was a little dirtier. We changed the rhythm up a bit, added a synthetic bass and sub bass and crooned the vocals.

There are two different versions of burlesque acts to this song as well...depending on where in the world I was purrforming them, I would have to tailor my acts to be able to be cooperate acceptable all the way to naughty night club shocking. The more innocent version is a solo, more classic Bettie Page style chair striptease. The other version is a duet of sorts, again with my fabulous "Naked Girl of Burlesque", Stormy Leather. There is a huge window set on stage with slotted blinds that open and close at certain points in the music to reveal me standing behind it in a different pose every time the blinds open. The light then shines on Stormy sitting in a chair on the near side of the window, in a suit, very androgynous, smoking a cigarette. Its turns into not only an exhibitionist act but a voyeur act as well. In the end you see her come behind the blinds with me in various poses, with less and less clothes on each time the blind opens, until they close for the final time, leaving your imagination to dream up whatever it would like to.

Is That So Wrong was a featured performance in the 2010 New York Burlesque Festival.

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